California Bowling Writers

December 28, 2005

New to Bowling/Joining a League: A Perspective
By Bette Addington

Bowling as a sport caught her interest and so she decided to give it a try. Several of her friends bowled and said they really enjoyed it so that even motivated her more to go out and open bowl to see what this sport was really like and if she could even do it. Why not? Young children do it, women her age do it and seniors do it!

So in 2003, after taking in several sessions of open bowling and then joining her friend, Stacy, at open bowling, Toodie Perry decided to take this sport on and get serious and join a league.

Toodie decided to join a league that Stacy was on and even be with her on her team. After all, she didn't know anyone else on the league and this would be a good way to feel a little more comfortable. After all, she was new at this and looking at the league sheet and seeing all those book averages of other league bowlers, she didn't want them to think she was sandbagging or anything. But still, worries kept swirling through her mind. Would she be too slow throwing the ball? Would other bowlers look at her and just know that she never had bowled on a league before??

Nerves were out in full force the first night of league but Toodie had an edge of confidence as she had been regularly going to practice on Sunday mornings at the center. And, Stacy was by her side as she had once been in the same position and knew what Toodie was going through. It would be okay.

As the weeks of league play went by, Toodie realized she fit right in and was so glad she joined a league and got into this sport. Her average improved but she still kept the ritual of practicing every Sunday morning.

Next on the agenda was a bowling tournament that Stacy and her husband Harvey have bowled in and they asked Toodie to come bowl with them. Why not?

Much to Toodie's amazement, she went and bowled in the tournament and even won her division in Singles! Wow, this is so much fun!! And to think she only started this sport a couple of years ago.

This season Toodie is back with her same Monday night league along with Stacy and her husband, Harvey. They are back because they enjoy the fellow league bowlers and like the fact that so many families are bowling together. The entire league makes you feel like family and even though some of the members are serious, many are there just to experience the time they have with their friends. Toodie has come to feel that is truly what league bowling is all about--friendly competition and socializing.

Oh, another important fact you might want to know about Toodie, she's been confined to a wheelchair for over 20 years.