California Bowling Writers

November 21, 2007

CALIFORNIA USBC Div-C All Events Title
By Phyl Knoll

Ellen Scoggins’ was 20 years old when on a “dare” she agreed to go bowling for the first time. She remembers it well, it was 1971 and it was at Holiday Bowl, which at that time was located on Crenshaw Blvd. and 37th Street in Los Angeles. Ellen took to bowling lanes like a duck to water and so began her bowling career. Ellen learned much of what there was to learn about the game, oil conditions and equipment changes and became a strong competitor on the lanes in the Southern LA County USBC Association, Even after having her daughter Aiko Michelle, she was able to return to the lanes and carry a 180 or better average. When Aiko was big enough to hold a bowling ball, Ellen enrolled her in competitive youth bowling and now as an adult bowler Aiko competes against her mother.

Then, about six years ago, just after Ellen turned “50”, she thought her bowling world was crumbling out from under her. She suffered a fractured left knee, a severe injury to her left hip and a fracture to her right hand. She was devastated because she was right-handed and she truly thought her bowling career was over. However, with extensive exercise therapy and the encouragement of daughter Aiko, son-in-law Johnnie, and her good bowling partner Corrine Van Gundy, Ellen established an exercise routine to make her body stronger. It was tough but she went from a four to a five-step approach . Once she became comfortable with that, she truly felt she could continue to bowl forever. Ellen was anxious to become competitive again even though her average had dropped to 148, so she agreed to join Corrine’s team for the 2007 California USBC Women’s Championship Tournament held in San Diego. This is a two-day affair and they were scheduled to bowl Doubles/Singles the first day. Oh boy, six games. But with Corrine’s words of encouragement and setting the pace on the lanes, Ellen, using her Angular and Target Zone balls, recorded 144-170-213=527; Singles 189-183-200=572 and Team 177-192-202=571 for a 1670. WAHLA….enough to win the Div-C All Events Title . I had the pleasure of presenting Ellen her well deserved Award Plaque from the California USBC in the presence of her fellow bowlers of the Rainbowettes at Gable House Bowl, Torrance.

Ellen expressed her appreciation to special friend Corrine who inspires her to do as well as she does and of course, dear friend Ed Enlow who drills her equipment and offers suggestive changes in her game to make her more consistent.

The moral to this story? Ellen never gave up!