California Bowling Writers

January 19, 2008

Bowling Loses an Advocate
By Mary Lynly

After a valiant battle, on December 5, 2007 Wray Nell Pearson of Santa Monica lost her life to cancer. A person who fought hard for the little guy and always told it like it was, Wray Nell walked the walk and talked the talk and win or lose, always walked away your friend. She served her Santa Monica association as president for too long but did what few can do – she was a consistent and good leader and served them well always motivating them to make things happen. She never gave up trying to get their lone proprietor to look at the bowler’s angle. Over 13 years she served as a Director and third Vice President on the California WBA board.

She was easy to spot in her favorite walking shorts (and never could understand why we couldn’t wear them all the time) and was like a little kid when she bought her convertible. She accepted adversity as a challenge and never a defeat. The victim of a double mastectomy, she took it in stride as she did life and in the end, the demon returned and took her home. She was 72.

She is survived by her daughter Lynn and son Randy and grandchildren and will be much missed by her good friend Charlene Hedberg. Thanks for always saying it when we couldn’t Wray Nell.