California Bowling Writers

February 29, 2008

California WBA Display Ready for Viewing
CBW Publicity Committee

The long awaited display of California Women’s Bowing Association memorabilia is now on display at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno. Although many fingers had a part in creating the information that is in the display, it was Mary Lynly, Barbara Metzinger, Joan Romeo and Jackie Wyckoff who tackled the final job on behalf of the California Bowling Writers.

As in all things – there were challenges. Two beautiful lighted display cases stood ready to be filled and right off the bat we realized that 52 Hall of Fame plaques would just not go into the cases and allow anything else to be displayed. They are now beautifully displayed in order of induction on Boards that will sit on top of the display cases – Meritorious Service on top and Superior Performance plaques neatly displayed on the large pillar along side the cases. The CWBA flag is proudly hung above the entire exhibit. On your trip down memory lane you will find awards won by the efforts of California bowling leaders. There are pictures of CWBA Stars of Tomorrow, BVL, 50th and 75th Anniversary plaques, pins from every association California had, National Awards and more.

While we could have continued to add more and more of the wonderful California WBA historical information there was only so much we could tastefully display. Thanks to Bette & Chris Addington a beautiful back drop in the left case displays a field of poppies and the California WBA name. A similar back drop will be added to the other case and a TV set will be mounted over the cases in the center to play the CWBA History from the 2006 Celebration.

Sincere thanks to Bob Thomas and staff at the National Bowling Stadium who were more than accommodating. The NBS with contribution from Agnes Duffy secured the display cases.

Working on this was a reminder of times past when all through the state associations worked as teams to accomplish their goals culminating at convention time with fun Hospitality Nights and special events. Also a reminder of bowling leaders from throughout the state who came together to take part in Credentials, Sgt-at-Arms, flag bearers, giving reports, putting on related club activities and luncheons and more. They are all a part of this.

The California Bowling Writers are proud to have been able to preserve the memorabilia of this great state.