California Bowling Writers

January 31, 2006

Active at Any Age!
By Joan Romeo

Whether you're connecting with friends, or out to make new ones, bowling is an activity that offers excitement, competition and camaraderie for all ages. It doesn't matter if you've been bowling for years or are new to the game, bowling is an ideal way to get some exercise, learn a new sport, or just bowl for the fun of it.

As bowling is a precision sport, it is an excellent way to enhance your eye/hand coordination, balance, dexterity, strength and endurance.

A recent study indicated that approximately 40% of school age children do not participate in organized sport outside of school hours resulting in unsupervised activity during the latchkey hours, declining motor skill development and obesity.

Another study, involving women over 65 found that women who become more active increase their chance to live longer and live better than those who stayed sedentary.

So don't be a couch potato, get out the gardening tools, take a walk or go bowling. It's so much more fun.