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Wow, What a night!
From Joan Romeo

It was incredible with the competition coming down to the third game and the LAST frame. Three teams made up of celebrities and one female pro. I was given a new Storm ball to use (they were the BIG sponsor with Etonic shoes) and Sharon from Corbin drilled it perfect and I averaged 203 for three games after dialing it in.

The kid celebrities who showed up to bowl were amazing and very polite! We had a lesson from our Pros Kim Terrell, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Diandra Asbaty (All true profesionals and very classy) and then it was down to business. We started out 50 pins down after game one and made up 20 of those after game two. By the 7th frame of game three we were up one and then tied in the 8th. Bring in The Parrman who struck in the ninth to set up my pro Kim in the tenth (she had struck 10 times in a row on the lane she was finishing on prior to this frame) Perfect delivery and the ball carried right into the pocket SOLID!! But a bad break (we got robbed!!) the 7-10 spilt was left standing.....we opened. The other team struck out and the rest as they say is.....

But what a WONDERFUL event and it was taped for TV as a pilot and we shall see what happens. The most important thing was raising money for The Susan G. Koman Foundation for breast cancer research and that mission ACCOMPLISHED!!

I want to thank everyone at the USBC and Corbin Bowl for being so gracious and everyone who came down to watch. Kim Terrell, my pro was so amazing (Look out Wed. bowlers she gave me a 30 min. lesson). Sharon who runs the pro shop HOOKED ME UP and my new PYRO ball will be on fire tomorrow night! My two new friends, Child Stars Alyson Stoner (Cheaper by the dozen 1 & 2 and Robbie Bruce (Stuart Little 3). Carolyn and Diandra and all the other wonderful child stars and Joan Romeo for getting me involved. We are blessed my friends and this is yet another event I was proud to be part of. God Bless, Shawn

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