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California Bowling Writers Connect With Troops
685 Phone Cards to the Troops for Valentine’s Day
Mary Lynly, CBW Publicity

The 7th Annual California Bowling Writers Phone Cards for the Troops charity continues to bring families and loved ones together throughout the military. Each year it becomes evident that more and more men and women serving our country are touched by CBW’s phone cards.

Serviceman Anthony Noble contacted CBW Past President Bette Addington about some car club information and she mentioned our Phone Card charity. He said, “Your phone cards for the troops - I can personally thank you for that. It is nice when we get phone cards while downrange in the mail because the PX and shoppettes are always out of them. Honestly the way that me and my guys did it in Iraq was when we received phone cards we would put them into a box so anyone in our section could call home. They are greatly appreciated. Depending on the soldier’s job and mission requirements some of us didn’t have the time to get to the shoppette or PX to buy phone cards. I know our families really appreciate it too.

CBW Director Jill Williamson’s granddaughter is serving in the war zone and phone cards were sent direct to her for each person in her unit. Many donations were made in honor or memory of a loved one. The donor list can be viewed elsewhere on this website.

In the past CBW has sent all monies for cards to the Armed Services YMCA of the USA Twenty-nine Palms. These cards go to the Navy and Marines. This year, we found a new connection with TREA Memorial Foundation who sends various things to the troops through a contract with the military in D.C. When we offered to send them money for the cards their representative said we didn’t have to pay! They appreciated what we were doing and sent 300 phone cards on behalf of the California Bowling Writers which included our personalized Valentine’s card.

Apparently there is a philanthropic group who underwrites these cards and we were able to send 685 – 300 minute or 125 minute cards. Our thanks go to all who took part in this fund raising effort. This is one of the special “feel good” things CBW does.

California Bowling Writers was formed in 1998; membership is open to all California bowling journalists, promoters and supporters of the sport of bowling. The purpose of the organization is to encourage and educate both members and non-members in communication through print, promotion and use of electronic media. At the same time, CBW will recognize and reward those who create media awareness by providing outstanding bowling photography and journalistic excellence.

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