California Bowling Writers

May 28, 2006

Jackie Wyckoff, Peninsula WBA
delegate with the
association flag

Photographer: Kathy Watson

California WBA Retires
by Mary Lynly

The pomp and circumstance was there but the hearts of nearly 300 delegates were not. The California Women's Bowling Association brought a close to 82 years of tending the women bowlers of California on May 21, 2006.

The room was transformed into a classroom setting following a gala evening of celebration and the two tiers for officers and directors were filled following the traditional bringing in of the flags and the final parade of association flags followed to the music of our own Ellen Patterson. Each association flag bearer bowed to the delegates and brought their individual flags back to their assigned district area.

President Linda Johnson called her final meeting to order and introduced the board of directors and Life Members and Members Emerita present. Special guests included Al Hoffmann of Novato, President of the newly formed USBC California association and Larry Peppers of Petaluma, interim Manager of the association.

A moving memorial service to honor departed members with special memory of past CWBA President Mary Hinman was brought to the delegation by Phil Severance of Sonoma.

The delegation was greeted by Host Association President Irene Raff and Secretary Delinda Mitchell as well as Sacramento Hostess Association Chairman Barbara Metzinger.

The impressive bios of the Stars of Tomorrow were read and Nicole Miller of Petaluma and Jerell Maneja of South San Francisco will take their place on the roster of distinguished Stars honored over the years by CWBA. Maneja gave an impressive acceptance as he outlined how important this honor was to him.

Laura Hardeman and Kim Terrell were added to the CWBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance and both were thrilled to be included in the prestigious CWBA Hall.

Chairmen of the Senior Tournament (Phil Severance and Leslie Spears), the Princess Tournament (Sherry Howe) and Queens Tournament (Mabel Sheasley) all reported for the last time. It was probably most nostalgic for Phil and Leslie who have seen the tournament through most of 25 seasons.

The 41st Annual Queen's Tournament will be held July 8-9, 2006 at Fireside Lanes in Citrus Heights and thanks to sponsors there is $3200 in added prize money. Entries close July 1.

The Princess Tournament will be held in Antelope Valley at Brunswick Vista Lanes on October 13-15, 2006 and the Senior Tournament is in Indio at Fantasy Lanes and is being hosted by the Citrus Belt WBA. Entry deadline is June 15th.

Editor of the California Nugget Jan Hogue announced that there would be one more issue published, a wrap-up issue.

A final report from the Transition Team advised the delegation that programs being continued will be the above tournaments and a Kick-Off for the 2007 Tournament in San Diego will be held at the Town & Country Hotel in September, the site of the 2007 convention which will be held June 2-3.

New, and being passed out to the bowlers is the "Advanced Entry" form. Any team can reserve the date and time of their choice by returning the form with a $100 deposit and in October you will be mailed an entry form to be filled in with the remaining money by November 1. This has proven to already be popular with 17 returned the first weekend.

USBC National Director Elaine Hagin brought a message from USBC concerning the new philosophy as opposed to the old and said their goal was more value for your membership and they feel their future is bright.

BVL awarded four associations who exceeded the $10,000 mark - Citrus Belt WBA, Napa-Sonoma WBA, Orange County USBC and the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles USBC. Once again, a fantastic total so far and at the close of the meeting the amount totaled $206,071.16. Winners of the recent roll-off were announced.

Tournament Director Melissa Ade announced the Early Bird award (entering the tournament by November 1) was an Orange County team and Tournament Recognition Awards went to the following: Orange County (most teams,) Marin County (most teams based on membership,) and Sacramento (hosting the tournament.)

Joan Romeo of Van Nuys was honored as the 2006 Distinguished Service recipient. Joan has been a valuable asset to CWBA and bowling in California as an advisor and providing sponsor and organizational support.

Mary Lynly reported on the Celebration 2006 show and dinner and said it had been enjoyed by all with nearly 400 attending the show and 335 enjoying dinner.

The California Bowling Writers reported on their successful luncheon with 97 in attendance and announced that Mary Lynly will serve as the new president. The 500 and 600 clubs reported and the 15-Year Club announced their charitable donations of $600 giving $100 each to: the Senior Tournament, Princess Tournament, Queen's Tournament, Team USA, BVL and the International Museum and Bowling Hall of Fame. Their new president is Bobbie Kabage.

The tears flowed as the CWBA flag was retired in a military folding ceremony by the past presidents. The flag was then given to the ranking CWBA president, Agnes Duffy of Sonoma.

As we vacated our California WBA and ceded to the new USBC organization the feeling was - what next? We are one of only five states who are merged. We all hope for the best but an empty feeling was in the pit of most people's stomach as to the future of our state organization.