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BVL Celebrates 70 Years of Service to America’s Veterans with Increase in Contributions
By Rosie Parker

The sport of bowling once again confirmed its collective commitment to our nation’s service men and women by joining forces and increasing annual contributions to the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL). During the 2011-2012 season, leagues, associations, bowling centers, and bowling’s corporate partners donated almost $800,000 to BVL.

Of the total, more than $500,000 was raised by state and local USBC associations. Through tournaments, raffles, and hundreds of special events, America’s league bowlers helped BVL continue its mission to brighten the days and boost the spirits of our nation’s veterans being cared for through the VA Medical Center System and at State Homes. BVL dollars pick up where government funding leaves off, providing recreational and therapeutic programs and services that speed recovery and improve morale.

California, long the leader in support for BVL, again came in at the top of the contributors list with $142,187.02. “At both the state and local level, our members care deeply about the BVL mission. We understand the difference BVL makes for those who have sacrificed for our country,” explained BVL California Co-Chair Rosie Parker. “We know that BVL gets our dollars to where they are needed the most and makes a profound impact on the quality of our veterans’ lives.” California local associations dominated the list of the top-ranking local association contributors to BVL, with five in the top ten.

2011-2012 state leaders:
California $142,187.02
Virginia $39,577.78
Georgia $33,954.00
Minnesota $23,801.93
Texas $24,940.59
Illinois $20,156.20;
Oregon $18,216.55
Michigan $17,486.75
Kansas $14,377.01
Tennessee $13,417.00
2011-2012 local association leaders:
Citrus Belt (CA) USBC $21,321.30
Minneapolis (MN) USBC $17,375.00
Nation's Capital Area (VA) USBC $15,400.00
Orange County (CA) USBC $12,800.00
San Diego (CA) USBC $8,500.00
North Los Angeles County (CA) USBC $8,347.50
Metro Detroit (MI) USBC $8,276.00
Metro Phoenix (AZ) USBC $7,893.50
Greater Atlanta (GA) USBC $7,500.00
Ventura County (CA) USBC WBA $7,300.00

Bowling center contributions to the BVL cause continued to climb, with more than $72,000 donated from centers during the 2011-2012 season, a steep increase from the $13,000 raised during the 2008-2009 season, when centers first answered the BVL call for support. Brooklyn, NY-based Maple Family Lanes maintained their leadership in BVL fundraising, donating a total of $33,704.25, through their third annual BVL tournament. Rounding out the top five center contributors are:
Don Carter Lanes Group - Illinois $7,746.10
Bowland Centers - Florida $6,218.83
Thunderbird Lanes - NE Philadelphia $5,276.00
Broken Arrow Lanes - Oklahoma $4,197.00

“Not only are we proud that our sport continues to support BVL,” noted Darlene Baker, Chair, BVL Board of Directors, “but we are also proud that BVL operates efficiently and effectively – this year our management and operations costs totaled only 11% of our budget – we ensure that the money goes right to our veterans and the recreational and therapeutic programs and services that they have come to count on.”

A complete list of contributors for the 2011-2012 season can be found at

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