California Bowling Writers

May 28, 2006

Memory Walk

l. to r. Tink Wasina, Phil Severance, Mary Lynly, Barbara Metzinger, and Leslie Spears

Photographer: Kathy Watson

California WBA Says Goodbye
by Mary Lynly

By all indications - applause, tears, joy - California WBA's "Celebration 2006 - A tribute to Women's Bowling in California" was a success. During the pictorial and musical studded presentation, it was noted - not one person got up to go to the bathroom or get a drink - nearly 400 in attendance!

The Memory Walk which consisted of nearly 50 - 11X17 sheets of pictures from our history albums which contained convention and hospitality photos, were put together by Joan Scharsch and all were labeled. Joan also added a "before and after" of numerous board members many vintage 20 to 25 years. Nuggets from our files going back to the first issue in 1950 were set out for people to take and this thrilled publicity people who found treasures they didn't know existed. Also included were old tournament promotion posters. Six lighted fichus trees nestled among the displays created a warm welcome.

The CWBA board of directors, Life Members and Members Emeritae were dressed in black or Navy and each wore a specially made scarf by Jan Morzov. This was a beautifully wax dyed scarf tied a little different for each to go with the neckline of their dress. All guests were in "evening attire" - a special treat.

President Johnson introduced the four presenters and they rose to a one chorus rendition of the CWBA song written by Mary Lynly.

The pictorial that went along with the presentation given by Mary Lynly (First 50 Years), Phil Severance (1974-1984), Joan Scharsch (1985-1994) and Joan Feinblum (1995-2006.) At various intervals Re-Creation worked their magic with songs that fit in where significant. Their BVL song and a medley of Disney tunes were a hit as well as singing the CWBA song. Chris Scherbert of Castro Valley arranged the synchronized pictorial and it went along without a hitch. 165 pictures bringing the audience from 1924 to 2006.

Re-Creation, directed by Jay Muller, brought a special flavor to the evening and concluded the show by singing our song and the audience joined in for the second time around.

The evening was attended by past board members, VIP's, Stars of Tomorrow, Distinguished Service honorees, Hall of Fame members and special guests including John Berglund, Executive Director of the Bowling Proprietor's Association of America. The 335 who stayed for dinner were entranced as they entered the Terrace room overwhelmed by the awesome ice-carving that loomed high and visible in every corner. All clamored to have their pictures taken using the carving as a backdrop. It consisted of a huge lit ball, with golden poppy inserted, and bowling pin complete with red stripes. Tables were set with white and orange linens. Four 11 X 17 place mats that contained more historical data sat on each of the 35 tables. All of these memory items were for anyone who wished to take them. Round mirrors with votive lights adorned the center of the tables with a clear glass vase that held a bouquet of silk poppies. Royal blue ribbon with silver script which said "California Women's Bowling Association" and "1924-2006" trailed each vase.

All dinner guests were treated to a chocolate sucker had made by Charlene Hedberg and crew and were wrapped and tied with that same ribbon. The sucker was round (in three different colors) and had a bowling pin which bore the traditional red stripe. Making 350 of these left the gals done with chocolate for awhile.

Joan Feinblum did a skilled job of dinner seating and even managed to handle all the hard luck stories of "I lost it", "I forgot," "can you fit in one more person?" etc. Everyone on the waiting list was accommodated. As VIP's checked in each was given a special VIP ribbon. Champagne was poured exactly at 7:15 P.M. and Phil Severance gave the toast lauding those who built the foundation of CWBA and perpetuated its purpose, and wished good luck to the new USBC organization.

An excellent dinner was enjoyed by all topped off by a beautiful dessert and none went to waste. Prior to dessert, President Linda Johnson introduced special guests.

This was our special goodbye to our beloved CWBA. It was bitter sweet but everyone left with a feeling that the California WBA was indeed special.

What happens now? Who knows?