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2015 PBA Tony Reyes Memorial Community Service Award

--For Immediate Release --March 5, 2016
Ed Godbout’s Vision Becomes Reality as He is selected the 2015 PBA Tony Reyes Memorial Community Service Award Recipient

By: Bette Addington, California Bowling Writers

--San Jose, CA. When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are….this familiar song unfolds the dream that became reality last month when Ed Godbout received a call from PBA Commissioner Tom Clark that he had been selected to receive the 2015 Tony Reyes Memorial Community Service Award! Pack your bags! You’re going to Shawnee, OK, next week!! Godbout reflected on his reaction from getting that call, “All I remember was crying and shaking and thanking him over and over again! I couldn’t believe someone like me could ever achieve something this big after my whole life teachers and other people said I would never amount to anything!!” Godbout’s whirlwind adventure was about to begin as he and his wife, Annie, were about to embark on a journey that many can only dream about ever happening to them. In less than a week they had to adjust their schedule, Ed had to be fitted for a tux, and they were whisked away to be VIP’s at the annual PBA Hall of Fame banquet.

Flashback to the beginning of Ed Godbout’s bowling career and involvement with the sport of bowling that brought him to the forefront to be considered for this honor. Ed was born in Sunnyvale, CA, 47 years ago. He started bowling at the age of 16 at Mel’s Bowl in Redwood City. He was born into a bowling family as both his parents bowled in leagues his entire upbringing. Ed, himself, bowled from age 16 on but took off about 10 years to raise his family and returned to the sport in 2006. A truck driver for the last 18 years, he bowls 3 leagues every winter and 2 in the summer carrying close to a 200 average, and is a PBA member. He’s had four 300’s and one 299 with a career high series of 766. Interestingly, his first two 300’s were within 24 hours of each other and on two different seasons at the National Bowling Stadium!

To help round out his bowling experience, he worked at Boardwalk Bowl in Santa Cruz for five years putting in time for the positions of working the front desk, mechanic and coach. Godbout had admiration for the late Tony Reyes, Mike Machuga, Amleto Monacelli and many others but his attraction to Reyes brought him to bowl at Tony’s center, 4th Street Bowl in San Jose in the winter of 2011. When he learned that Tony owned the pro shop at 4th Street, he made it a point to meet him and see if he could “get him to talk to my juniors at Boardwalk Bowl.” Godbout said, “I was scared at first, but found out he was a very cool dude.” Although Godbout was only able to get to know Reyes for a short time prior to his death, Ed said Tony left him with this bit of advice: “Always remember where you came from and it’s all about the kids, not the fame.” Then together, the two formed the 4th Street Bowl junior bowling program.

Flash forward to the present and the PBA Hall of Fame banquet in Shawnee, OK, Godbout was experiencing also a first-time to visit OK. He shared that he liked OK, “everyone there was very nice and I will go back. I grew up in Colorado so I felt like I was back home again.” The Godbout’s were only there for one full day so Mon., Feb. 1, they started that morning by going to the bowl to watch the TOC practice and met up with a good friend, Cecil Scarboro, who was nice enough to take both Ed and Annie all around to meet everyone on tour and to go check out the tour trailers and all the behind-the-scenes areas.

That night was the banquet. VIP Ed was seated at a table right next to Denny Schreiner and Pete Couture. And what a night! Ed was in awe, “just how great everyone was….my wife and I were standing around and Kelly Kulick came up to us and said, ‘You look bored, let’s talk!’ (We met her earlier that day). Then after the Banquet was over, getting pictures with everyone and having Walter Ray Jr. come up to me and congratulate me was probably the best thing along with dinner Sunday seeing Sean Rash and Chuck Gardner and as we were walking out Chuck and Sean both telling me they were happy to see I got the Award.” Can you even imagine?

--I’m sure we will hear more and get further insight into this great night when we tune in to Phantom Radio the week starting Wed., Mar. 9, as Ed Godbout is the special guest.--

And what a resume Ed Godbout is creating for himself. He is the founder of the Tony Reyes Memorial Jr./Adult Doubles Scholarship tournament that is held early every January and 2017 will mark the 4th annual where he hopes to break the 300 mark for participants. He is also the founder of the Tony Reyes Memorial Scholarship for NorCal YBA which helps youth go to college as well as helps everyone understand what type of person the late Tony Reyes was. Because of his intent determination to start both of these, Godbout was named the first recipient of the NorCal Tony Reyes Award--For the Love of the Game Not the Fame in 2013.

Godbout would like to thank Tom Clark, Janay Haggerty, Kirk Von Kruger and his nominator, Bette Addington. “I’m honored to receive this Award. I still can’t believe I won it now that I look back at everything I have done for the last four years puts everything in perspective and reminds me of something Tony always told me was to make sure you mind your p’s and q’s because you never know who is watching! This goes to show even a little guy like me that’s just trying to keep Tony’s name going so his daughter, Gianna, will know how much he meant to everyone was being watched, even by some of the best bowlers in the world and the PBA. I thank you for everything.”

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!


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