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JEANETTE ROBINSON'S Golden Ladies Classic:
My Top Women's Bowling Story of 2017

by Frank Weiler

LAS VEGAS - From the Bowling Capital of the World I bring you my picks for the top Women's Bowling Stories of 2017.

Without a doubt, my Top Women's Bowling Story of 2017 was Jeanette Robinson's National Golden Ladies Classic celebrating it's 27th Anniversary. Who would have thought that the seed Jeanette Robinson planted nearly three decades ago would blossom into a Major Bowling Tournament?

While everyone around her probably never dreamed of how Jeanette's Classic would develop and grow, I'm sure Jeanette knew all along. You see, Jeanette Robinson is a visionary and a supreme optimist. She wanted to expand the opportunities available to female professionals as they aged and went to work to meet that need. The result is history.

Liz Johnson winning a PBA National Title ranks second on my list of top female stories of last year. I know of no other major sport in which women can compete successfully against men. Johnson became the second woman (after Kelly Kulick) to win a men's national tournament. Simply put, Johnson's accomplishment is historic. That being said, I believe Liz will accomplish even more in the years to come and supplant MARION LADEWIG as the GREATEST FEMALE BOWLER OF ALL TIME.

Finally, it was shocking to witness the United States women no longer dominate at last years World Championships in November. The Masters competition was especially disappointing when only three of our women made the cut to the final sixteen and then all lost their first finals match. While disappointing, this story has a silver lining.

The world has caught up with us! Maybe the best bowlers in the world come from Asia! While it is disappointing that we didn't win many Gold Medals, these results may be a blessing in disguise. Now that the rest of the world can beat us at our own game, it proves Bowling is truly an international sport. It is good for our sport. It makes a strong argument in favor of Bowling as an Olympic Sport when the best bowlers in the world come from all parts of the world and not just from the United States.

Keep your eyes open. My bowling predictions for 2018 are just around the corner.

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