California Bowling Writers

Last Modified:
January 28, 2007

Bowling Writers Get Gift from BVL
CBW Publicity Committee

The California Bowling Writers have designated their annual charity endeavor (3rd year!) to send phone cards to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. An auction at the last CBW annual meeting and luncheon, plus numerous individual donations raised $300 toward the effort. Following additional memorial donations by individuals, the amount grew. Topping it off was a letter from the California WBA that the California Bowlers BVL Committee had granted $4800 to CBW for our phone card effort!

Donations are now coming in from all over the state - Golden Empire USBC donated $512 thanks to 1st Vice President Bette Addington. All the CBW officers and directors are "passing the word" at every event they attend. Don't be left out!

The final amount is $7,000 to be used for the purchase of phone cards for our troops. The club is excited about the successful venture. Thanks go to Mary Lynly and Tina Martin who "rounded" us up to the final amount. We thank you for your generosity.

The CBW annual meeting and luncheon is held in conjunction with the CA-USBC annual meeting and convention events so watch for further information on date and time or better yet, check this website for current information. The CBW luncheons have proven to be special events and next year will be no different, so plan on attending.

Our List of Donors:
Eloise Cottrell
Tina Martin
Jackie Wyckoff
Kathy Watson
Mary Lynly
Donna Dillard
CBW Board
Bette Addington
Agnes Duffy
Marianne Evans
Slivio Spiconardi
California BVL Fund
Peter/Elizabeth Cambria
John/ Brenda Lynly
Women's Inter-Association Travel League
Yvonne/Paul Sasse
Carolyn/Lou Martinucci
NBAC League, Mission Hills Bowl
Golden Empire USBC
Jae Etcheverry
Emma Price
Elaine & Roy Van Otten
Blanche Cullen
Agnes Duffy's Golfers
Ventura County WBA
Terri Myers/Sandra Nason
Robyn Willis
Humbolt USBC Assn.
Paula West
Andrea Adamson
Karen Hussey
Thank you!