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Last modified:
December 18, 2005

Donna Dillard - Secretary

Live from Los Angeles, down Pasadena way, meet our Secretary Donna Dillard. Most CA women probably already know Donna since she has been active in bowling organizations at many capacities and the California Bowling Writers are so proud to have her now on our Board.

Her past itinerary of bowling offices held consists of being a Director, 1st VP and President of the Los Angeles WBA. She has also been involved for quite some time with the CA State 600 Club where she served as 1st VP. She also wrote for the CA State 600 Club.

Donna has been a bowler since 1967 when she began the sport because her mother needed a member for her team. She has been busy bowling every season since, but does take the summers off.

Since her career started, she has become a member of the following bowling organizations: NWBW, CA State 600 Club, Los Angeles 600 Club and South Bay 600 Club and CBW. She was also a member of the Eagle Rock Women's Club where she held all offices except Treasurer.

So how did she become a member of CBW, then serve as a Director and now our Secretary? She said she first heard about our organization at CWBA Convention. Then, thanks to a talk from Mary Lynly and a follow-up email from Eloise Cottrell, she joined.

Now that she is part of the CBW Board, she says she "hopes to see us continue to publish a great document" (InfoLink), and also "put it online to possibly reach more bowlers". Her personal goals for CBW are to "help the organization and contribute articles".

Donna is single and doesn't have any relatives that are bowlers. She loves to travel and also loves cats. She has four of them!

The CBW is fortunate to have Donna on our Board as she is a great link with all the women bowlers from southern California.