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Carolyn Scherzberg

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Better the Second Time?
By Mary Lynly

Some things are better the second time around, just ask Carolyn Scherzberg of Receda who is enjoying the time of her life on the lanes. Carolyn averaged 200 in 2007, 203 in 2008, 211 in 2009 and in this, the best year of her life 213, 215, 217 in three senior leagues.

She reflected on being a 28-year old housewife and mother of three when, in 1968 a neighbor said, “You never go anywhere, how about coming bowling with us. They have a nice nursery.” She decided to try it and averaged 135 her first year. She said, “I was so embarrassed because all of these women had up to 169 averages!” The next year she averaged 169. Being a perfectionist, she wanted to do well and she strived to get better each year eventually reaching the 185-190 average range. She said, “I could do well but I always wanted to do better.”

Carolyn has never had any formal coaching but she did say that Foy Belcher, who worked at Reseda Bowl had given her some “tips.” As she advanced to the higher average leagues, she said she would watch bowlers like Bobbi North and Betty Mivelaz and the thing that was clear was their focus and ability to do the same thing over and over again. This was her aim. She was never afraid to try something new and look for that thing that worked for her. This prompted her to go to the Bowling Academy and be certified for coaching.

She was urged to join the Professional Women’s Bowling Association (PWBA) and the Western Women’s Bowling Association (WWPB). She bowled the Pro-Tour for a couple of years and she also bowled in the L.A. All Star Traveling League and the West Coast Elims which she won three times. In 1992 she was inducted into the San Fernando Valley Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

After getting involved in all of the bowling that goes with an elite bowler she said she began to feel guilty being away from her three children so much so she scaled back. This is when she noticed the irritating lump on her lip. A biopsy showed it was cancerous, but the oncologist said it was just a “nick it out” thing and she’d be out and about in no time. It turned out not to be just a “nick it out” thing as it was deeper than first thought and the surgery turned out to be very serious. She quit bowling in 1995 to heal which turned out to be a five year lay off. Her husband Ed had become ill and she felt she needed to be there for her family.

She had been doing the books at home for the Pro Shop she and her husband owned in Canoga Park Lanes and Corbin Bowl, but after Ed’s death she felt she needed to go to the shop and help. She decided the shop at Corbin Bowl had to go and with Bob Scherzberg’s help she could manage Canoga Park. It meant getting back in the bowl and she said, “I knew if I walked back in there I would want to bowl because I love the sport so much.”

Bob and Ed had been childhood friends and Ed later came back into the scene in the 1990’s, which turned out to be a good time for Carolyn. Ed had showed Bob a lot about the pro shop and it was a natural that he helped her out and - they eventually married.

She says she bowls, “for the fun of it,” and is bowling the best she has ever bowled. In fact in the two 33 week leagues and one at 30 week league she rolled 65 – 600’s the highest being 698; 13 – 700’s, 20 games over 250 and two 300’s in the Funtimers league. She hasn’t broken the 800 barrier yet, but close with 798. She says, “I’m enjoying it while I can!”

So, what made the difference after coming back to bowling? She believes you are what you eat and feel and her MO has always been the same, work on her game, strive to get better and be consistent. When she takes to the lanes I am sure the pins say, “Oh, Oh, here comes Carolyn.” It appears this is what allows this soon to be 73-year old stroker to continue to adjust to most any lane condition and belly the ball or throw it straight if necessary. Talk about being consistent, she has missed ONE day of bowling in five years and she bowls all year around! She loves the game and she loves the people.

For Carolyn Scherzberg, bowling has definitely been better the second time around.

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