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Nor-Cal Bowling Centers 43rd All Star Banquet
By Mary Lynly

Against a backdrop that emulated Star Trek, Nor-Cal BC President Willy King welcomed the 250 in attendance at the 43rd Nor Cal BC banquet followed by a superb dinner with all the trimmings. Hank Malatesta gave the Invocation. Chairman of the event, Dennis Ganduglia, introduced the Youth Committee.

Recognition began with the Hall of Fame inductees, two who were a part of the Nor-Cal youth program, Wendy McPherson Papanos and Lynda Norry Barnes, both of whom have distinguished themselves on Team USA and the professional scene. Wendy is now bowling on the Japanese Women’s Pro Tour – the only Caucasian woman on the tour. Lynda is being mom to her twins but keeping her hand in and bowling in events when she can. Jack Thomas of Fireside Lanes, who has been instrumental in supporting youth bowling for many years, was inducted in the Proprietor category. Tony Reyes was selected as “This Year’s Pro.” Among his many accomplishments, Tony was the third bowler in history to shoot 300 on TV.

Attending the Nor Cal BC All Star recognition event was like watching your kids grow up. The awards started with the Bantam Girls coming on stage through a swirling cornucopia surrounded by twinkling lights then followed by the Bantam Boys and Preps, Juniors, Majors and Seniors – 100 in all, each having their moment in the sun.

Emcee Mike Hillman delivered a “Bio” on each honoree extolling their accomplishments. Tony Reyes put the Olympic-type award around their neck. Each had an opportunity for a brief response and those responses were the highlight of the evening. Many voiced appreciation of parents and many had their personal heroes keeping the very attentive crowd smiling throughout the evening. Mike had given each honoree a form asking a variety of questions, among them - “Who would you like to be?” One answer was, “Fun to change places with my sister because it would be fun to know it all.” Another was, “What was your worst day at bowling?” “My worst day at bowling is better than the best day at school.” And Nick – who saw “Nickname” on the survey and said, “Yes.” And when asked about “Goals” – one answered, “Raise the bar each year. Destroy everyone.” When asked what their “Pet Peeve” was one boy answered, “#1 – My little brother, #2 -My little sister and #3 - Anyone who uses my bowling ball without asking.” One jewel to tuck away was, “Learn from the bad ones and get better from the good ones.”

Hillman did an outstanding job of recognizing each honoree with their accomplishments: A few: 10 – 300 games, 231 Avg.; 234 average; Blake Paris with a 240 average and 813. Armando Godoy – a 234 average; A 14-year old with 4-300 games and a 217 average and a girl with a 205 average, 2-300’s and 785 high series. Then there was Jennifer – an 11 time All Star with a 215 average, 5-300 games and Hi Series of 830. A Bantam booked a 170 average and Hi Game of 267 and series of 691!

This was my first time to attend this event and I was overwhelmed by the numerous recognition scholarships received by the following: Nor Cal Bowling Centers $500.00 Scholarships - Holly Dimock - NU Generation Lanes and Erik Buckalew - Diablo Lanes; Nor Cal Bowling Centers $250.00 Scholarships Darren Tang - Sea Bowl and Samantha Pruter - Diablo Lanes; 9th Annual Earl Anthony Memorial $400.00 Scholarships - Jurene Morales - Serra Bowl and Robert Villasenor - Clayton Valley Bowl; The Presidents $300 Scholarship - Daniel Schumacher - Albany Bowl; Ellio "Al" & Ann Malatesta Memorial $500.00 Scholarship - Taylor Beck-Pierce - Valley Center Bowl; 3rd Annual Gerald Reed Memorial $300.00 Scholarship - Blake Paris - Harvest Park Bowl; 16th Annual T. Yamazaki & Professor R.M. Fulrath $250.00 Scholarships - Jesse Anzelc - Cloverleaf Family Bowl and Robyn Renslow - Harvest Park Bowl; Sean Rash $250.00 Scholarships - Samantha Chong - Homestead Lanes and Cameron Cole - Shasta Lanes.

One award everyone waits for is the presentation of the Pete Lusich Award. The recipient is kept secret until the actual presentation and when Debbie Haggerty of Fireside Lanes was announced – she was frozen in time. Couldn’t move. Almost couldn’t speak, but she finally rose to the occasion and got a few words of “thanks” out.

The credits to Silent Auction contributors were numerous as were the many who count themselves among the 2010 Nor Cal BC “All Star” Boosters. All of this doesn’t happen without the help of the NCBC office staff under the direction of Executive Director Sandi Thompson.

The event concluded at 11:00 PM at the Reno Events Center on august 14, 2010 – but the crowd made up of parents, grandparents, friends, and lots of little brothers and sisters was still attentive and it seemed the evening whizzed by.

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