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Feinblum Wipes Out Pot Farm
By Mary Lynly

It started innocently enough for Joan Feinblum when she went to get her car washed. The usual wait as she watched the finishing touches being put on her car. The swing of the rag and she knew her car was ready.

What was unusual was the car was running when she got into it. She made the move to adjust the seat when suddenly the car lurched backwards crashing through a field and through a neighbor’s fence coming to rest in the middle of his garden.

Visibly shaken, but unhurt, everyone came to her rescue and she soon found herself surrounded by the fire department, police department, waiting ambulance a newspaper reporter and tow truck! The news reporter was taking pictures and Joan said, “You’re not going to take my picture are you?!” He said, “No.” But, she couldn’t quite understand all the hoorah. In her usual good natured manner she said, “I have State Farm so I knew I was in good hands,” as they towed her car to a repair shop.

She called her cousin Joey to give her a ride home but being a UPS driver he couldn’t leave work so he called a friend. Finally arriving at home Joan sat down to unwind.

And now – the rest of the story.

Joan got a call from Joey, who said, “Guess what?” Joey had a delivery at the police department and when he arrived there were several policemen looking at photos of an accident and Joey recognized them as being Joan’s car. He said, “Hey, that’s my cousin’s car.” They said, “The truth of the matter is that she backed over an entire Pot farm when she crashed through this guy’s fence. This fellow had been under surveillance and we were about to make an arrest when Joan did us the favor of destroying the crop!”

State Farm will provide a loaner car and other than a little shaken, Joan is fine but she says she is giving deep thought to getting back in a car!

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