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Joan Feinblum Makes TV
By Mary Lynly

What do you do when you know something isn’t right with your body? Ignore it? Most wouldn’t but it took Joan Feinblum a couple of falls and failing eyesight to decide to go to an Ophthalmologist. When he looked at her eyes he immediately sent her to an oncologist and this jolted Joan. She had cancerous tumors behind both eyes and a PET scan confirmed it was in other places.

With numerous bowling friends accompanying her, Joan went to the oncologist, Dr Keiser who discussed treatment. Joan had decided if this was what God had in mind for her she would accept it. It was daunting and it took awhile to be at one with the radiation and chemo medication. She felt the usual fatigue and all those things that go along with this kind of treatment but one thing never changed – her attitude. There’s a reason why her email is “Jolly Joan” as she kept a cheery countenance through months of a variety of treatments including a mastectomy – Dr. Keiser at her side the whole time.

She missed her bowling and had to put some trips on hold but she soon got back into the swing. It was keeping in touch with people that kept her going.

She is currently on her third oral chemo pill and amazingly, she seems to tolerate all of this quite well and Dr. Keiser is pleased with the positive effects of the treatment and most of all Joan’s attitude. Recently, Dr. Keiser was asked to appear of the Learning Channel. He was to select one patient to showcase treating patients in his treatment room and then in their home. He had developed an affinity for Joan and he asked her if she would like to be a part of this. She wanted to do it but she said, “Rather than my home I would like to have the other portion of this part of the documentary at my bowling center. My bowling friends are the ones who have been there for me through all of this and they have taken me places I needed to go and helped keep my spirits up.” Dr. Keiser and the filming crew thought this was fine.

When Joan and the film crew arrived at Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park her friends who have been her teammates for national and state tournaments and league play over the last 31 years were all there. The association manager, bowling center owner and more were also there cheering her on and lending support. The camera man even threw a game of bowling!

The segment was shown on October 29th on the Learning Channel but it is possible it will be streamed on so look for the info.

Feinblum’s in the limelight once again.

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