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Recreation Still a Thrill for Vets
By Mary Lynly

Bowlers have donated to the “Bowlers Victory Legion” since World War II when they purchased three ambulance planes to ferry wounded home. A BVL Classic tournament emanated from this and then it was over…..for everyone but California and California WBA President Elva Stevens decided it was too good not to utilize its value and continued the tournament each year. California still holds a state tournament to determine division winners. Over the years the name has changed here and there in California and currently honors Helen Duval who was honorary Chairman for the charitable endeavor for years and is known as The Helen Duval BVL Program. The national program is known as The Bowlers to Veterans Link.

Donations have risen to nearly ten million since inception benefitting Veteran and Military Hospitals and Outreach Programs throughout the U.S. and part of that is Veteran’s Homes like the one in Yountville, California. One of the pluses is the entertainment group Re-Creation, a group of talented young people who put on a program to well the heart with patriotism. Songs that honor freedom and country thrilled the over 100 vets who were entertained at the Yountville Veteran’s Home in September and one of the best parts was each one of the 11 entertainers going through the audience handing out their picture and autographing it beside having personal conversation with the audience.

Melissa Ade and Mary Lynly were as thrilled as they had ever been over the years to see these young people perform again. The sad part was that we were the only ones representing bowling and our program does so much to support their annual tour of the hospitals. If you haven’t been there in a while drop in and take a look at the newly remodeled bowling center! Chairman Rosie Parker sent out the Recreation schedule in plenty of time and I would hope the next time they are in California that you get a group together and enjoy a wonderful show.

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