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MICHAEL LOERA Rolls His First 300
by Frank Weiler, California Bowling Writers

INDIO - "ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR FIRST ONE". That's what I tell young bowlers who roll their first perfect game. Bowling a 300 game is special and should never be taken for granted. Bowling a 300 game, especially your first, should never be forgotten. Not everyone is talented enough, lucky enough or fortunate enough to bowl 300, so always remember the circumstances surrounding your first one.

Michael Loera will always remember his first 300 because of family. He loves bowling and appreciates everything that's great about our sport. The greatest thing about bowling is family. Bowling is a family affair and Michael's family is always there for him. Mom and dad were a part of Michael's first 300 and he will always remember that.

Most bowlers never roll a perfect 300 game or roll any sort of honor score. Most bowlers never average 200 or bowl 700. Some old timers, like myself, have rolled perfect games but had to wait a lifetime to do so. Michael Loera isn't like most bowlers or old timers like me. He wasn't about to wait a life time to bowl 300. He has rolled a 300 and a 700. He averages 200 and is just sixteen years old!

MICHAEL LOERA JUST ROLLED HIS FIRST 300 and I predict that it is the first of many to come. Michael possesses the skill, the poise and the maturity necessary to become a great bowler, maybe even a professional bowler. Time will tell.

Congratulations to Michael and the whole Loera family. I look forward to hearing and writing about Michael's future successes on the lanes.

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