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Kelly Seelig


KELLY SEELIG - Senior League Superstar
by Frank Weiler

REDLANDS – When I started competing in the senior leagues at Empire Bowl in September of 2000 there were only three bowlers averaging over 200. One of those was Kelly Seelig. Throughout the last two decades Kelly has never let his foot off the accelerator. Year after year he has continued putting up big numbers, proving he is an Empire Bowl “Senior League Superstar”. Adjectives like consistent, cognizant and controlled are appropriate when describing Kelly’s Bowling game.

Numbers don’t lie. A review of annual Citrus Belt Average Books shows that Kelly averaged over 200 in all but two of the last 20 seasons with a high book average of 219 in 2008. Kelly has bagged a bushel of perfect 300 games and several 800 series during the last two decades. Simply put these numbers show that Kelly was as consistent as any senior bowler during the past two decades at Empire Bowl.

I have always been impressed with Kelly’s bowling game because of his ability to play different lines to the pocket, adjust his ball speed with ease and his willingness to change bowling balls quickly when lane conditions break down. These skills demonstrate how cognizant Kelly is of his surroundings and what is happening on the lanes.

Like everyone Kelly has his favorite line to the pocket, however I have seen him adjust lines faster than anyone I ever have observed. He has a keen eye for changing lane conditions and has no fear when it comes to adjusting his approach to striking. Another example of how perceptive Kelly is.

Not many bowlers can successfully adjust their ball speed. Adjusting ball speed is a skill difficult to master. A skill mastered by only a few. Kelly is one of those bowlers who is a speed master. This skill is a great example of Kelly’s controlled game. He is quick to perceive what is transpiring on the lanes and take control of these circumstances with adjustments to his line and ball speed.

It’s one thing to recognize what’s happening on the lanes and another thing to be willing to adjust quickly. Especially when we speak of making quick changes regarding bowling balls. Because of his decades of experience and knowledge of equipment Kelly is quick to make necessary ball changes. He is as good as anyone I’ve observed in our senior leagues when it comes ball diversification. Another example of Kelly’s control over the conditions and circumstances confronting him.

So many bowlers bowl like robots. Robots in the worst sense of the word. They don’t change, they don’t adjust, they just continue doing the same no matter what they see the lanes giving them. That’s not Kelly Seelig . He seizes what the lanes are giving him. Kelly is flexible. He adapts and always demonstrates uncommon lane moxie. Another reason why Kelly is a senior league superstar.

Kelly deserves every accolade bestowed on him. Besides possessing superior athletic skills he works as hard as anyone on his game. He is at Empire Bowl practicing nearly every day. I see him there when I make my daily rounds. Kelly is living proof that “Practice makes perfect”.

Kelly Seelig is a senior league superstar because he is the complete package as a bowler. He has the numbers, the talent, the passion and the persona of a superstar.

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