California Bowling Writers

September 27, 2007

By Phil Severance

A friend encouraged me to write an article on the subject "How Bowling Has Changed My Life." My answer was "how can I condense 47 years of bowling into one article when so many things in bowling have affected my life?"

I have had to walk down memory lane and I am sure, you the reader, will have had much the same experiences that have left lasting impressions and have changed your life.

Remember all the great friendships, many lifelong; the trips to tournaments and conventions; the league experiences and the local and State tournaments; Highest game and series and when and where they occurred; the meetings, some long and tedious, others very satisfying; mountains of committee work and projects completed successfully.

For me, all the above involvement's in bowling has heightened a sense of responsibility and commitment. However I am still inclined to procrastinate especially when the computer is involved. Something about an old dog and new tricks.

Group interaction has certainly taught me to be more tolerant of and to respect the thought and ideas of others. As a result of interaction usually the best course of action emerges.

In short, the years of bowling and its administration have taught me that the sportsmanship and tolerance involved has been a valuable life experience which has transferred to every day living. No one experience has changed my life, but a collection of memories has.