California Bowling Writers

October 23, 2007

By Joan Scharsch

Over the past 45+ years I’ve worn a lot of hats in the bowling game – youth coach, league coordinator for Brunswick, promoter, and served on my local and state board.

All of the positions afforded me the opportunity to gain confidence, learn “people” skills and gain many valuable friendships. Perhaps the most important is friends. After working for 10 years at a center I co-owned and another local center, I decided to seek employment outside the bowling arena. I got a good job because the employer knew me from bowling. This led me to a better job that lasted until my retirement.

I was working at this better job when I received a phone call from then CWBA President Betty Schlegel. She asked me if I had “ever considered running for State Director.” I said “No” but she appointed me anyway. I learned just how much I did not know about how hard this board worked. I decided I would just “hang around” for a few years and then step aside. However, that was not in my nature. I ended up staying for 16 years. I am very grateful for all the skills I learned while serving on this board. I came away a better person for it.

Recently I have credited bowling with saving my life. I fell during the State Championship Tournament two years ago and injured my leg. Or so I thought. All the tests led to discovering a cancerous tumor that was not causing me any pain. It was small and removed successfully. I am sure it would not have been found if the search for the leg pain had not occurred.

I hope that I have contributed to the game as much as it has contributed to my life. If I had it to do all over again I would jump quicker at the chance to be a bigger part.