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Last modified:
December 18, 2005

Jackie Wyckoff - Infolink Editor

Jackie Wyckoff is a woman of many talents. She was recently honored with the 2004 Sport League National High Average for women. Her 201.02 average eclipsed all women bowling in Sport Leagues in the U.S. She also garnered the High Series, a 687, in the Western Region. Ten states reported scores from leagues bowling on the demanding Sport League condition.

This is really an amazing feat as Jackie had a somewhat auspicious start in the bowling game. It was the one thing she could do for "therapy." She took a swan dive off a two-story building at age nine, almost killing herself and resulting in numerous breaks and a severe concussion. Twelve hours in surgery, six months in a full body cast and a prognosis saying she would always walk with a limp, did not deter her. The therapeutic trips to the bowling center saw Jackie graduate from crutches to a three-step delivery and the joining of her first junior league. Fortunately, the doctors were wrong and the "limp" never materialized.

From the time she first began bowling, Jackie has been enamored with the competitive aspect of the sport. She bowled her first 300 game as a Junior Bowler at 14 and has 7 career perfectos, three 299's and a 298. She bowled her first 700 at 13 and has more than 30 - 700 series' and a high of 789 with a lifetime adult composite average of 202.35. She has over 25 association and individual titles and holds several current records. She is a Certified USA Bowling Bronze Level Coach and has been a PWBA Regional Member for 20 plus years as well as Western Women's Professional Bowlers and now, the Ladies Classic Tour.

She is married to John (her biggest fan) and has one son and a grandson. She coached John to a 200 average, which speaks for her coaching ability.

She is not only a talent on the lanes; she is also a talented administrator and currently serves as President of the Peninsula Women's Bowling Association, First Vice President of the National Women Bowling Writers and Editor of the California Bowling Writers newsletter, the InfoLink. She is artistic and always brings a special flare to any project or program in which she is involved.

Jackie has worked in the bowling business, on and off, for the better part of 30 years (she says she started as a Porter and ended up managing a bowling center!) Jackie is secretary of a 30-team scratch league and currently owns a home-based marketing business and hopes to be able to retire from that in a few years - to do what? To concentrate on the things she loves most, bowling and bowling related activities!

Jackie retired as Secretary of CBW but will continue to be an asset to the organization with the privileges of a past secretary.