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January 22, 2007


CONTACT: Dick Evans

Bowlers Have Not Forgotten Our Troops

I think bowlers and bowling do a lot of great things for charity organizations without getting much recognition.

My favorite charity endeavor by the bowling industry always has been the Bowlers Victory Legion, which aided hospitalized veterans. There are many, many others that bowlers contirubute to generously and proprietors open their doors to freely.

But I most identify with the BVL: program because my father spent a lot of time in VA hospitals in North Carolina and Florida and died in one in Coral Gables.

Now the BVL stands for Bowlers to Veterans Link and it is doing even greater things – but this time for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in the form of carpet bowling lane kits that can be stretch out over the desert sand or set up on an aircraft carrier.

I was tearful after reading a “thank you from a U.S. Sailor."

Part of his letter to the BVL read:

“As we stand patrol on the other side of the world, I write you this e-mail to say thank you. Anyone watching the news can see that we have been busy taking the War on Terrorism to the terrorists themselves.

“That means long days and even longer nights. I am an air traffic controller stationed aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and it’s not uncommon for us to spend 10 to 16 hours a day in a dark radar room, fixed on our scopes to ensure that all our pilots depart to their mission and even more importantly arrive back on the flight deck safely.

“Needless to say, we savor any opportunity we can get to relax a for even a minute. So when my Mom informed me that my division had been chosen to receive a (portable) bowling alley as part of your Support Our Troops program, we all became excited.

“It is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate space aboard this vessel of war for a bowling alley. The tight bulkheads do provide a nice bumper system for some of the less skilled rollers in need of a handicap.

“And I will say that the ship’s roll does provide an interesting hook. Whenever we find time to set the lane up, it tends to bring out sailors from every hatch looking for a chance to relieve some stress.

“And everyone agrees that this is one of the coolest packages ever to come off the COD.

“Anyone who has served in the service can tell you that the stress of the mission and the separation from the ones we love can wear you down. But it’s gestures like this from the folks back home that remind us that we are not forgotten.”


Another unsolicited letter reads:

“I think it is great that you are thinking of service men and women overseas. I am a military personnel and I have been overseas and I know how it is not to have anything to do. This portable bowling lane will give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy bowling. Thanks to everyone for their support of our fighting men and women overseas.”

SSG Jamie L. Johnston.

Need we say more in this time of a terrible war.

If you want to contribute to this wonderful bowling tribute to our troops in harms way, call 301/881-8333 or go on line at

Another great tribute to our troops is being run by the women bowling writers in California in the form of phone cards.

A record amount, over $7,000, has been raised for purchasing phone cards from Sam’s Club and shipping them to our fighting troops in time for them to make phone calls to their loved ones back home on Valentine’s day.

I like the idea of Valentine’s day, but I like even more shipping these phone cards to our defenders throughout the year.

So I am advocating that if you can spare a few dollars for our fighting troops, then write out a check and make it payable to CBW and mail it to Tina Martin, CBW treasurer, 57 Shields Lane, Novato, Ca., 94947-3877.

United States soldiers, marines and sailors will thank you and so will their loved ones.