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June 25, 2007

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GREENDALE, Wis. - Jeff Richgels of the Madison (Wis.) Capital Times, Joel Davis of the Sacramento (Calif.) News and Review, and Fred Groh of International Bowling Industry magazine are top winners in news, editorial and feature categories, respectively, in the 2006 US Bowler Writing Competition.

Winners in the 55th annual media awards program, sponsored by the United States Bowling Congress' official membership publication, were announced today during the Bowling Writers Association of America's annual meeting in Las Vegas.

Richgels' news coverage of a Wisconsin bowler's successful placement of 14 strikes to win $8,000 in the State High School Jackpot was his second victory in the news category. He also owns a pair of first-place awards in the editorial category and improved his career award total to 10 with a sixth place in editorial along with an honorable mention in news in the 2006 competition.

Davis' winning editorial ("Pin Me Down") is his first US Bowler award. It's an eye-opening discussion about how one man's opinions about bowling changed dramatically after falling victim to what he called "young-onset Parkinson's disease."

Groh earned his fourth career award and his first first-place honor for his feature, "Striking a Chord in Harlem." It tells the story of two women's triumphant quest to bring bowling back to New York City's Harlem neighborhood.

USBC has announced the media awards competition will return for a 56th year and for the first time will include a photography category along with three new awards categories designed for USBC's grassroots volunteer network.

NEWS (next-day coverage): 1, Jeff Richgels, Capital Times, Madison, Wis., $300 (Bowler Wins 8K Jackpot). 2, Bill Snier, The Repository, Canton, Ohio, $225 (Bowling Now Going Varsity). 3, Steve Gorches, Post-Tribune, Hammond, Ind., $200 (Williams Ties Anthony's Record). 4, Jeremy Elliott, Patriot News, Harrisburg, Pa., $175 (Himmler Proves Unstoppable). 5, Bob Weiner, Daily Gazette, Schenectady, N.Y., $150 (Maccarone Has Left Tour, Still Hasn't Lost Touch). 6. Bill Ryan, Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, Ohio, $75 (Bobcats Win NLL). 7, Johnny Campos, Journal-Star, Peoria, Ill., $50 (Four Beats Three, But Not By Much). HONORABLE MENTION - Dick Evans, Miami Herald (Gullivers' Koff Captures Championship); Steve Gorches, Post-Tribune (Kulick Makes Bowling History); Jeff Richgels, Capital Times (New Owner Takes Over); Bill Snier, The Repository, (Jones Finally Catches a Break).

EDITORIAL (opinion): 1, Joel Davis, Sacramento News and Review, $300 (Pin Me Down). 2, Al Harrison, Observer-Eccentric, Livonia, Mich., $225 (Bowling Keeps Coming Up Empty in Olympics). 3, Jim Dressel, Bowlers Journal International, $200 (Where is the Acclaim). 4, Pete Dougherty, Times Union, Albany, N.Y., $175 (7-10 Is Bowling's Hole-In-One). 5, Dick Evans, Syndicated Column, $225 (Leave Sandpaper Out of the Game). 6, Jeff Richgels, Capital Times, $75 (PBA Madness: Tour Pay Cuts). 7, Jim Dressel, Bowlers Journal International, $50 (The Tour Isn't Lake Woebegon). HONORABLE MENTION - Dick Evans, Syndicated Column, (A Bad Decision Allowing Betting.); Bob Johnson, Bowlers Journal International (Drunk with Success); Tom Kouros, Bowlers Journal International (About Women's Bowling).

FEATURES (non-fiction articles): 1, Fred Groh, International Bowling Industry, $300 (Striking a Chord in Harlem). 2, Steve James, International Bowling Industry, $225 (A Different Kind of Lineage). 3, Michael Foreman, Bowling Center Management, $200 (Letting the Sun Shine In). 4, Chuck Pezzano International Bowling Industry, $175 (The Tiger and the Showman). 5, Bob Johnson, Bowlers Journal International, $150 (All Hail the New King of Bowling). 6, John Morrell, United Hemispheres, $125 (Not Up Your Dad's Alley). 7, Dick Evans, Syndicated Column, $100 (Like the Movie, Kulick was a Dreamer). 8, Robert Austin, Bowlers Journal International, $75 (Something to Live For). 9, Steve Gorches, Post-Tribune, Hammond, Ind., $50 (Roll Model). 10, Jim Dressel, Bowlers Journal International $50 (Three 900s in Four Months). HONORABLE MENTION - Gary D'Amato, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Kulick a Bowling Pioneer); Jeff Crowley, The Courier Press, Evansville, Ind., and The Gleaner, Henderson, Ky. (Fonner Will Be Missed, Long Remembered); Mike Klingaman, Baltimore Sun (Out of the Gutter).

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