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May 8, 2008

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May 8, 2008

It will be amazing to see how all this “hoopla” turns out! The brainchild of Tom Clark, USBC Media expert is about ready to start. The Municipal Auditorium in downtown Kansas City Mo. Is filling with attendees from the USBC Annual Convention, which has been in progress for two days.

Yesterday, the sixteen champions from teens to seniors were introduced at the opening ceremony and one of the champions “threw down the gauntlet” to another champion. Kelly Kulick, first woman to tour full-time with the PBA, told Sean Rash (2007 USBC Masters Champion) that she would knock him out of the clash. The event will use the “sudden-death” one ball most pins knocked down format. It is entirely possible that Kelly could do it! It is also possible that any of the other champions could knock Kelly out.

Kelly and Sean will be joined by fourteen other champions:
Elysia Current, Brittini Hamilton, Jenny Brown, Lynda Barnes, Lucy Sandelin, Wendy MacPherson, Liz Johnson, Pete Weber, Mike Rose, Tom Baker, David O’Sullivan, Adam Martinez, Jason Price, and Tim Pfeifer. USBC has been releasing information about the competitors for about two months now. With a recent series of 843 (highest for the PBA event) Liz Johnson has a good chance at walking away with the title. But then each of the contestants is a champion, so it is anyone’s guess who will prevail.

The warm-up has begun with all the ladies taking to the lanes first. Lynda Barnes, 2008 USBC Queens champion, threw the first ball and it was a strike. We have yet to see who will be in the first round.

The men will take to the lanes, four Brunswick lanes set up in the center of the auditorium, in a few minutes for their fair share of practice shots. With such bowling legends as Pete Weber and Tom Baker, the teen boys are in awesome company. The youngsters have an equal chance.

The air of excitement is building as everyone finds their seats, people get their autographs, cameramen get set and the announcers take their positions for taping the show. Be sure to tune in on Saturday, May 10 from 5-6 p.m. Eastern and Sunday, May 11 from 4-t p.m. Eastern.

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