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In order for the troops to benefit fully from your donation, please add 2.9% + .30 to your donation amount. Thank you!



What do the phone cards mean to our troops? According to Anita Neu-Fultz at the 29 Palms YMCA distribution center, “I cannot tell you all how much these cards will mean. Since the Marines have turned over everything to the Army in Iraq, our Marines and Sailors are now deploying to Afghanistan on a moments notice. It is very difficult for the families and this will add a bright spot for them.”

The California Bowling Writers are continuing their drive for donations to fund the phone cards we send to the troops overseas. Funds are already coming in – see the list of donors below. Last year leagues donated monies gleaned through 50/50’s and other donations and we hope this effort escalates.

Organizing bus trips to Red Hawk Casino is CBW board member Andrea Adamson method of raising funds for the phone card effort. Proceeds from playing games on the bus and part of the initial cost to go to the Casino are donated to the phone card drive. She is already over $650. Andrea is a premier organizer and salesperson.

Our goal has been to deliver the cards for Valentines Day and we will do that again this year so our military can call a loved one on that memorable day. The total raised last year was $8779 – can we beat that?

Can you put together a 50/50 in your league or some method of gathering donations? You can hand out this form. When Barbara Metzinger was covering a league, one of the bowlers said, “Hey, my wife got one of those last year and it was awesome!” With the thousands of military involved we dare hope to actually run into someone who got one of our cards!

  • The phone cards will be purchased soon after December 31, 2013, and be sent over so the troops will have them for Valentines Day, 2014.
  • California Bowling Writers '13 Phone Card Drive
  • Donations accepted now through December 31, 2013
  • Send donations to Tina Martin-CBW Treasurer, 57 Shields Lane, Novato, CA 94947-3877

CBW Phone Card donors for 2013-14, Names for drawing for a Tony Reyes Memorial bowling ball!

Chris Holmes, Studio City
Jeanne Foote, Clovis
Carol Hansen, Napa
Darlene Fogleman, Chico
Nancy McCall, Riverside, in memory of SMSgt. James McCall
Ramona Clark, Riverside

Jae Etcheverry, Rancho Palo Verdes..winner!

Bette Addington, Bakersfield, in memory of Robert Brown & Betty Schlegel
California BVL Fund

Western Trade Show Donors:
Scott Frager, Dan Thompson, Mary Lynly, Dennis Gandulgia, Kathy Bruegeman, Lynn Krummes

Wendy Boswell, Chico and the Classic Trio League of AMF Orchid Lanes
Independent Mixers at AMF Orchid Lanes, Chico
William Mossontte, Mission Hills
Mary Lynly, In memory of Jim Lynly, Paul Lynly and Lorriane Erreguible
Tina & Jim Martin, In honor of Captain Robert C. Nordgren, US Navy Retired
Mary Lynly, Roseville, in memory of Michael Hagin
Pat Kiska, Woodacre
Birdcage Seniors at Mardi Gras Lanes, Sacramento (Mary Lynly)
Striking 3's at Country Club Bowl, San Rafael (Tina Martin)
Eloise Cottrell, Eureka
Donna Dillard, Pasadena

Chico Bowlers: Deanna Keyama, Kim Keyama, Dave Harris, Larry Smith, Del Alaways, Terry Raposa, Bonnie Allen, Arletta Conway, Helen Deatsch, Darlene Fogleman

Phyl Knoll and the Rainbowettes of Gable House Bowl
Phyl Knoll and the Roaring 90”s of Gable House Bowl

John & Brenda Lynly, Landing, NJ, in honor of Donald & Bellee Kamsler & Mary Lynly & in memory of Jim & Paul Lynly

Mary Lynly, donation from Betty & Warren Sax

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