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Thanks so much for providing the calling cards that make it possible to communicate with my husband while he is deployed in Kuwait. Our twins just celebrated their first birthday a week ago and although daddy was miles and miles away, his voice during the call created a very cherished and memorable moment! God Bless you on your continued efforts to keep our families connected.

Shilonda Blount


Phone Cards for the Troops Reminder

There is a lot of hype about the Wounded Warriors and the tremendous support they are getting here at home - and this is a good thing but our Phone Cards for the Troops benefit the warriors who are still fighting to preserve our freedom and that of people in countries dominated by tyrants and terrorists.

The California Bowling Writers will embark on their 11th year of raising funds for phone cards that are sent to the men and women in the military in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have raised nearly $62,000 to provide this luxury for our troops who endure tremendous heat, none of the comforts of home and a shower only now and then – if they’re lucky. They spend each day wondering if it will be their last, keeping an eye out for a snipers or roadside bombs, and enduring the loss of friends they have bonded with in their home away from home.

Once again, we ask for your support. Help us take care of those men and women who are still in harms way. You can donate in honor of, or in memory of someone and you can also send us the address of someone you know overseas and we will send a care package with phone card directly to them. This last year we received wonderful letters from the wives of men serving and they told us how important it was to be able to call and talk to their wives and children and how the kids looked forward to talking to mom or dad.

Send donations to: California Bowling Writers
Tina Martin, Treasurer
57 Shields Lane
Novato, California 94947-3877

Thank you!

CBW Phone Card donors for 2014-15:

Ventura Co. WBA USBC, Ventura

Bowling Proprietors of So. California

Mary Householder, Palmdale

Pat Kiska, memory of George Kiska, USA A-253,63rd Inf. WW11

Patricia Langston,Bakersfield

Dennis Ganduglia, Rohnert Park

Bette Addington, Bakersfield, in memory of Robert Brown

William Mossontte, Mission Hills

Eloise Cottrell, Eureka

Gary & Colleen Redler, Novato

Jae Etcheverry, Rancho Palos Verde

Camellia City 500 Club, Sacramento

Mary Lynly, memory of Paul, Jim Lynly, & Grace Siesbuttel

John & Brenda Lynly.. In memory of Paul, Jim Lynly & Donald Kamsler, and in honor of Mary Lynly & Belle Kamsler

Carol & Donald Hansen, Napa

Barbara Cohn, Petaluma

Chico USBC Association, Chico

California BVL Fund

Phyl Knoll, Hawthorne

Rainbowette's League

Roaring 90's League

Strikers League

Tina & Jim Martin, in honor of Capt. Robert C. Nordgren, US Navy Retired

Bob & Dianna Hartley, Novato

Marian Mon, Novato

Marissa Cooper, Fairfax

Jim Christensen, Novato

Nancy McCall, Riverside

Ramona Clark, Riverside

Lee Nesbit, Corte Madera

Royce & Darlene Fogleman, Chico

Los Angeles 600 Club

Lincoln Hills Thursday PM League, Lincoln

Hanna Stoecker, Oakland

Mark Kline, San Rafael

Val Kamai, Marin City

Donna Dillard, Pasadena

Birdcage Seniors at Fireside Lanes, Citrus Heights

Emilie Henry, Vacaville

AMF Orchard Lanes-Wendy Boswell, Chico

Frank Weiler, San Bernardino


From 2007 When the Music Stopped...

(For those who are unaware: At all military base theaters, the National Anthem is played before the movie begins.) This is written from a Chaplain in Iraq :

I recently attended a showing of 'Superman 3' here at LSA Anaconda. We have a large auditorium that we use for movies as well as memorial services and other large gatherings.

As is the custom at all military bases, we stood to attention when The National Anthem began before the main feature. All was going well until three-quarters of the way through The National Anthem, the music stopped.

Now, what would happen if this occurred with 1,000 18-to-22- Year-olds back in the States? I imagine that there would be hoots, catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments, and everyone would sit down and yell for the movie to begin. Of course, that is, only if they had stood for The National Anthem in the first place.

Here in Iraq 1,000 soldiers continued to stand at attention, eyes fixed forward. The music started again, and the soldiers continued to quietly stand at attention. Again, though, at the same point, the music stopped. What would you expect 1,000 soldiers standing at attention to do?? Frankly, I expected some laughter, and everyone would eventually sit down and wait for the movie to start.

No!!. . . You could have heard a pin drop while every soldier continued to stand at attention.

Suddenly, there was a lone voice from the front of the auditorium, Then a dozen voices, and soon the room was filled with the voices Of a thousand soldiers, finishing where the recording left off: "And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave."

It was the most inspiring moment I have had in Iraq , and I wanted you to know what kind of U.S. Soldiers are serving you! Remember them as they fight for us!

Written by Chaplain Jim Higgins, LSA Anaconda while at the Ballad Airport in Iraq, north of Baghdad. Please share only if you are so inclined. God Bless America and all of our troops serving throughout the world.

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