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Save some for us
by Mary Lynly, CBW Publicity

I don’t know about you but I have been inundated by appeals for everything imaginable: Church, St. Jude, SPCA, Salvation Army, Shriners Hospital, WIND (for youth – Working in a New Direction), Paralyzed Vets, Disabled American Veterans, Heart Association, Cancer Society, Toys for Tots, Aids Foundation and more. These are just some I donated to, to say nothing of all of the appeals from political groups and other social things in my area. I believe in supporting things that are important to me but it seems that the things that are used to raise money for different causes have elevated to an unbelievable level. Many appeal to us emotionally and unfortunately – it never seems to stop. The phone calls are a major source of annoyance and to make a long story short – I feel harassed. When you send a donation and then three months later you get the same appeal and can’t remember whether you sent them something and do it again I realize that this is the plan. It happens too much and I now keep a list and date of who and when I donate to.

This brings to mind all of the appeals for our troops: Wounded Warriors, Fischer House and more – all good causes and their advantage over our California Bowling Writers Phone Cards for Troops is their media connection and visibility in asking for donations. We don’t have that and depend on the few things at our disposal – email and Facebook and our CBW Email Connection to contact our members and past supporters.

There is no doubt that bowlers are generous supporters of causes and when I realize that once again we will give a huge check to the Susan b. Komen fund and someone from their organization will come and “pick up the check’” – usually around $800,000 and we get NO RECOGNITION to speak of it makes me ill. CBW sends thank you letters to everyone who donates to our phone card effort and we are grateful to those who walk the extra mile and hold a 50/50 or some other fundraising event to raise funds – we couldn’t do it without you!

Watch our thermometer grow! Thanks to all of our board members who diligently work to raise money and keep the connection going. You can donate in honor, in memory, or just because. Send donations to Chair of Charitable Endeavors Wendy Boswell, 3118 Lake Mead Circle, Chico, CA 95973 or directly to our CBW Treasurer Tina Martin, 57 Shields Lane, Novato, CA 94947-3877. One of the highlights of this campaign is that everyone who donates will have their name put in for a drawing for a Tony Reyes bowling ball donated by Bette Addington!

We know that it’s tough out there financially for many but we hope you will Save some for us.

Deadline is December 31.

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