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Wayne & Bonnie Garber – 300 x 2
September 21, 2015
by: Bette Addington, California Bowling Writers

Modesto, CA—Yosemite Lanes was on an emotional high Tuesday night, September 15, when not one 300 game was shot but two. And both were shot for the same game. It gets even better! They were bowled by husband and wife - Wayne and Bonnie Garber. And if that’s not phenomenal enough, they were bowling on different teams and both won their games with this contribution! How much more exciting can it get?

Competing in their Tuesday league for just the second week of this Fall season in a league they have bowled in for at least 20 years, Wayne said for that second game, he “was watching Bonnie since the 6th frame” when she was busy stringing her strikes and added, “she didn’t know I was striking.” They were just four pairs away from each other. The crowds gathered in anticipation behind their lanes. Bonnie got a loud round of applause when she bowled her 11th. But the applause grew louder as Wayne shot his 12th. Then, just 15 seconds later, as Bonnie prepared for her last ball, she remarked, “Really? Right now?? Ok!” and let ‘er rip to the loudest ovation of the night! Everyone went crazy to witness this once-in-a-lifetime moment!

The Garber’s have both been on the bowling scene for many years. Wayne has been bowling since he was 4 years old (43 years) and Bonnie for 27 years. Both have had numerous 300 career games—Wayne (over 100) and Bonnie (8). Wayne’s bowling resume shows he competes and runs scratch tournaments and has for years as well as is a PBA member. Bonnie came from bowling years ago in the WTA (Women’s Tournament Assoc.) where she won a title and WWPB (Western Womens Professional Bowlers). Both are members of the Modesto Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

On this special night in their lives, Wayne (a Hammer Ball Rep.) was throwing the Hammer Red Pearl Widow ball and Bonnie had switched to her Brunswick Red Solid ball to accomplish this feat.


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